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Our Long Story:

TrailerChix Productions was formed as an independent production company with the focus on identifying unique, visually stunning and highly engaging content for digital and broadcast TV.

Regardless of the complexity of the project itself, at the heart of every episode we make a strong story that audiences can connect with. We use only the best gear when shooting our projects, striving for the utmost production value through equipment ourstory2and professionals who are masters of their art, to ensure our stories are told with vivid passion and filmmaking excellence.

Based in Portland Oregon- each project we green light provides an opportunity to engage  with real people in real situations who are finding their own path to independence – however they define it.

We look for opportunities to provide talent across all disciplines of production a chance to bring their talents to stories that are both challenging and engaging. These opportunities allow talented individuals the option to learn from professionals, to network, and give them a pathway by which they can further their education and embark upon their professional career.

Each year, through a voting process, resources are allocated to an individual employee or team so they can produce a project they are passionate about. Be it fiction, shorts, documentary, or provide a much needed social solution, these projects provide our team an opportunity to grown and to expand their own individual goals.

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