Legal Stuff

Legal Stuff


TrailerChix(SM) is a registered service mark, other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.

Using TrailerChix Trademarks and Logos

You may refer to TrailerChixSM products and services by their associated TrailerChix trademarks and service marks, so long as such references (a) are truthful, fair, and not misleading, and (b) comply with these Guidelines, which may be modified by TrailerChix from time to time in TrailerChix sole discretion.


  •  Follow the TrailerChix Golden Rules.
  • Use the appropriate symbols and trademark acknowledgment of TrailerChix ownership of the marks and/or logos in question.
  • Do not incorporate TrailerChix trademarks, service marks or logos into your own product names, service names, trademarks, logos, or company names, and do not adopt marks or logos that are confusingly similar to TrailerChix marks and logos.
  • Do not make unlicensed use of TrailerChix licensed. Third-party use of the TrailerChix logo requires a license or written permission from TrailerChix. If you are interested in obtaining a license to use an TrailerChix mark or logo, please send request to: Contact .

   Trademark Golden Rules

  • ALWAYS use a trademark as an adjective, accompanied by an APPROPRIATE noun. Do not use a trademark as a noun. Do not pluralize a trademark or make it possessive (which would be using it as a noun). Do not join a trademark to other words, symbols, or numbers, either as one word or with a hyphen. And do not abbreviate a trademark.
  •  ALWAYS use the proper spelling and the proper trademark symbol. For the trademark symbol, the superscript or subscript mode is preferred, but if it is not available, use parentheses: (TM), (SM.) or (R).
  •  ALWAYS use trademarks and brand names in the ways they were intended to be used. Do not use them for goods or services for which they were not originally intended. Do not alter them in any way. Do not make puns out of them or portray them in a negative light.

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