Entrepreneurs Speak Their Mind in New Video Series

Portland, Oregon, June 23, 2014

“TrailerChix Productions releases season one of their new video documentary series, “Where Small Business Grows,” making this project the first broadcast series to tell entrepreneurs stories from their perspective and in their own words.”.

“The impetus for this project,” said Shelah Johnson TrailerChix Productions CEO, “came from a need to push back the misconceptions generated by so called consultants and business writers who suggest small businesses are inept when it comes to running or managing a business, when in fact, most small business owners can teach large businesses a thing or two about hard work, goal setting, creative thinking and even how to stay agile in a down economy.”



Clear Channel Veteran to Narrate New Video Docuseries

Portland, Oregon, April 17, 2014

Portland, Oregon – TrailerChix Productions announces today the selection of Joshua Mackey as the new voice of their documentary series “Where Small Business Grows”.

Joshua Mackey best known for his work as host of a morning talk show, midday call-in show and live broadcast on Clear Channel Media + Entertainment will be the voice of “Where Small Business Grows”, a documentary series sharing true stories about the grit and creativity needed to grow a small business.

In his over seven years at Clear Channel Media + Entertainment, Mackey received eleven Awards of Excellence for his Public Affairs work and three Awards of Excellence for Commercial Production. “Josh is a good choice for this project.” said Shelah Johnson TrailerChix Productions CEO, “He has a great voice and is also a small business owner so he really gets the series. We’re all very excited to have him on this project.”



New World Distribution Grabs Unique Video Series

Portland, Oregon, March 21, 2014

Los Angeles – New World Distribution signs world-wide distribution deal for the video documentary series, “Where Small Business Grows”.

The brainchild of TrailerChix Productions, “Where Small Business Grows” features true stories of the grit and creativity required to succeed in today’s business climate. “Our whole team is very excited about this project,” said Cary Floyd, New World’s CEO, “Not only does it have enormous commercial potential, but it also provides small business owners with their own media feature for the first time. This will connect an enormous group of people in a new and unique way.”

The over 27 million small businesses in the United States provide between 60 and 80 percent of all jobs and receive 13 times more patents then larger firms.* “With these kinds of numbers, we’ll never run out of great content,” said Shelah Johnson TrailerChix Productions’ CEO, “and by partnering with the experienced team at New World we can now focus on uncovering even more amazing stories that are not only educational and inspirational, but also entertaining.”



TrailerChix is pleased to announce the launch of the amazing documentary series “Where Small Business Grows” on the challenges and opportunities that small businesses face, receiving an astonishing 98% approval rate from the audience.

Portland, Oregon, November 1, 2013

“Where Small Business Grows” is a documentary series exploring what it takes for the average small business to grow in America through the eyes of a small business. Real people in real life situations are portrayed while small businesses share their challenges and triumphs following their dreams and passions on their path to financial independence.

During a blind test among small business owners, their employees and multinational advertisers the series scored an impressive 98% approval rate by small business owners and another 89% by advertisers. A wide range of attributes was tested including video graphics, host, music, show format and content. The audience comments were enthusiastic; they characterized it as “Inspiring and genuine”, “Engaging and entertaining”.



TrailerChix Productions launches a video series featuring the real rewards and struggles of running a small business.

Portland, Oregon, October 28, 2013

Where Small Business Grows is a documentary series featuring real people in real life situations. In their own words, small business people share everyday challenges and triumphs as they follow their dreams and passions on a path to financial independence and autonomy.

Since 1990 large businesses eliminated 4 million jobs, while small businesses created over 8 million jobs. “If ever there was a time to tell the small business owner’s story, it’s now”, said Shelah Johnson, co-creator. “23 million small businesses account for 54% of all sales in the U.S., yet there is no programming that features this huge segment of our population. We want to change that, we want to provide the small business owner a media voice.”



TrailerChix Production’s second project, CleverChix, gets green light from national show, Rollin’ On TV, which airs across on ABC, FOX and Digital TV to some 27 million household. Weekly episodes will begin airing February 2013.

Portland, Oregon January 04, 2013

TrailerChix Production projects focus on an eco friendly small footprint lifestyle. CleverChix tackles the DIY challenges surrounding the migration to nontraditional house options. “We’ve seen the average size of homes shrinking and this trend is expected to continue for the next several years across all demographics as people adjust to the new economy.” said Creator/Director Shelah Johnson, “Yet people want to maintain their own individuality so they’re making some very unconventional choices. We see people living in Airstream and vintage travel trailers, tiny houses, tree houses, water towers, floating homes, container conversions, earth homes, etc. Our mission is to show how one can make this transition easy and fabulous, no matter what the dwelling of choices might be.”



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